ECSP Design and Development Awards 2022



Centres up to 15,000 m2
There are no Finalists in this category

Centres between
15,001 – 45,000 m2

Galeria Łódzka


Owner : Lodz Shopinvest KG – DWS / Familie Otto
Open Date : 24 October 2020

The renovation of the 20-year-old Galeria Łódzka was inspired by beautifully designed boutique hotels. The food court was extensively refurbished and further developed the high quality theme. The spacious entrances now welcome visitors with an impressive, modern flair. Lounge areas and large lamps in warm colours were introduced, providing spaces for relaxation amongst the refurbished retail space. The centre extends over four trading levels and the retail GLA of 45,000 m2 with parking for 1350 cars was retained. Many new retailers were introduced during the renovation. An eye-catching graphics package was introduced throughout the centre, and the exterior was upgraded with improved signage and awnings.

MyZeil Foodtopia

Frankfurt, GERMANY

Owner : Jewel MyZeil GmbH & Co. KG – DWS / Familie Otto
Open Date : 24 October 2019

The extensive renovation of this six level centre, with a total GLA of 44,333 m2, introduced a new concept food and leisure anchor at the highest level, with impressive panoramic views across the city. Foodtopia introduced an innovative and functional gastronomic concept – 7,700 m² of restaurants, bars, and exquisite entertainment together with a high-end cinema and services. The customer offer has been designed for extended hours both daytime and night time, and the customer journey through all levels was improved. Low energy natural ventilation was introduced, upgraded energy efficient lighting has enhanced the ambience and the centre achieved BREEAM certification.

Quarree Wandsbek

Hamburg, GERMANY

Owner : Union Investment
Open Date : 4 March 2021

First opened in 1998, with four trading levels giving a GLA of 35,000 m2 and with parking for 917 cars, this centre at the heart of the local community has been comprehensively renovated. New shop fronts were provided with an improved design giving greater transparency and allowing the malls to feel broader. The mall flooring was upgraded and impressive new energy efficient lighting has brought a neighbourhood market feeling. The renovation has addressed every elements of the centre including the façade, toilets, car park and lobbies, entrances, wayfinding and even playground design. The major focus was to guarantee that the values and comfort of the offer were met, while improving the experience of the centre, which is well regarded by its community.

Centres between
45,001 – 70,000 m2

Plaza Major

Malaga, SPAIN

Owner : Sierra Prime
Open Date : 5 September 2019

Plaza Mayor is one of the main shopping destinations in Andalusia, with a wide retail and leisure offer, first opened in 2002 and trading on 53,000 m2 GLA. The renovation has preserved the unique, local identity of the shopping centre while upgrading to a new, modern and contemporary style from which customers gain a better and improved experience. The scope of the renovation includes : an extended retail offer in Plaza de Azahar ; the creation of a new high quality gourmet area (Patio Gourmet), which complements the existing gastronomic offer; an expanded fashion offer with optimised logistics areas ; and finally, the shopping centre was completely refurbished, with a new “Andalusian village” concept, improving the customer experience, as well as improving all accesses, both for pedestrians and vehicles.

Centres over 70,001 m2

Diagonal Mar

Barcelona, SPAIN

Owner : DWS-Alcampo
Open Date : 22 November 2019

The centre opened in 2001 trading on three levels with a GLA of 88,000m2 and parking for 4800 cars. The renovation aimed to improve performance by creating spaces for new retailers, and adapting the centre to the latest advances in technology, design and sustainability – creating a more attractive and comfortable shopping experience. The upper floor was redeveloped as a new fashion mall with double height facades and outstanding natural and artificial lighting, the size of the cinema was reduced and the leisure anchor was moved. The centre was completely refurbished. Central and secondary rotundas were renovated, alongside major improvements to the décor, ambience and lighting of all the malls, including resting areas, restrooms, ceilings, flooring and digital media. The result is an environment where visitors can meet up, relax and socialize – with improved footfall and dwell time

Norte Shopping

Cidade da Senhora da Hora, Porto, PORTUGAL

Owner : TIAA and Sierra Prime
Open Date : 21 October 2020

Originally opened in 1998, the centre now provides a retail GLA of 70,740 m2 on five trading levels with parking for 3,100 cars. The renovation has introduced two new concepts which have increased the customer appeal of the centre. The CookBook is on 2 floors, each with a different inspiration: the first with a kitchen-related theme brings a feeling of homeliness and proximity to the environment; and the second following a more modern, fun and young style. The two floors end in two generous terraces with a vibrant design approach. The Galleria is a redevelopment of cinema space creating a high-end, exclusive fashion concept, with premium materials and decorations resulting in an elegant and sophisticated ambiance and décor.