ECSP announces partnership with RegioPlan Consulting and RegioData Research

The European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP) has today announced that it is partnering with RegioPlan Consulting, a consultancy firm providing advice to the real estate and retail professionals in the public and private sector on location and investment decisions; and its sister company RegioData Research, a market research firm providing regional economic data to the retail and real estate industry to help with better decision-making.  

Under the agreement, both partners will provide ECSP and its members access to data and market analytics on the pan-European retail property sector. Examples of information to be provided include figures on customer expenditure and purchasing power, use of online shopping, analysis into catchment areas, shopping centre databases, among others. The insights will help guide ECSP’s position papers and strategies going forward and will allow members to anticipate trends.

“We are excited to join forces with ECSP and share our international expertise based on facts and figures from our sister company RegioData, which will also team up with ECSP,” said Romina Jenei, CEO of RegioPlan Consulting. “We live in an ever-changing society and are ready to provide decision-makers with an optimal basis for market-orientated and forward-looking strategies and recommendations.”

Peter Wilhelm, Chairman of ECSP, also welcomed the partnership: “For an industry disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and facing systemic change as we respond to the climate crisis, access to high quality data will be critical. Without data, we will not be able to manage the risks and take advantage of the opportunities as a sector.”  

Download the press release here.

About European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP)

The European Council of Shopping Places provides a European voice for an industry that designs, creates, funds, develops, builds and manages places anchored by retail across Europe. Its members are a catalyst for sustainable urban regeneration and represent an important civic function in virtually every European community. For more information, please visit

About RegioPlan Consulting GmbH

RegioPlan Consulting is located in Vienna, Austria and advises on location and investment decisions all over Europe. For over 35 years, RegioPlan has stood for sound consulting and innovative know-how and is one of Europe’s leading consulting companies that provides decision-makers with reliable data, analyses and holistic consulting concepts for sites and locations suitable for real estate and investment, retail and the public sector. – Developing Sustainable Success

About RegioData Research GmbH

RegioData Research GmbH is a Vienna-based market research firm and the sister company of RegioPlan Consulting. As a European specialist in regional economic data, RegioData provides decision-making bases for retail, real estate, and financing, up-to-date, clear, and secure. – Customized Market Analytics