Why secure data is even more vital in unsecure times

The world we live in is constantly changing driven by a number of interconnecting factors at the local, regional and international levels. More recently, we have seen where global issues have had greater impact in ever shorter time frames. Consequently, the economic situation and consumer behaviour have become more difficult to predict. Nevertheless, investors and developers need to make decisions regarding their retail locations, expansion plans, refurbishments, retails mix and so on. The availability of time sensitive data has never been more important, drawing upon evidence from past and current projects to provide a higher level of security when it comes to decision making.

The data you need for your decision-making

The shopping centre industry faces a lot of changes brought by consumer behaviour, customer journey and online shopping, to name just a few. The question remains, is there still reliable data to help inform a well-founded decision? What can ultimately be derived from this data?

One of the trends can be seen when looking at new concepts for shopping places. The term “shopping” in shopping centre no longer belongs exclusively to the relatively dominant behaviour of purchasing goods. The concept has now diversified to include a broader range of services and activities expected from the communities that they serve. This can include adding direct access to public institutions and authorities such as the police, employment services and healthcare facilities.

Predicting the future by analysing the past and presence

Predicting the future is an unspecified science. However, having access to data generated by previous trends and issues, and how they impact changes in purchasing powers, inflation and other relevant factors, provides a framework to predict potential patterns. This is essentially what we do.

RegioData has been observing the retail and real estate market all over Europe for more than two decades. The collected data includes regional and national statistics, company data, external forecasts and prognosis and internally generated reports. This allows us to provide data such as consumer expenditures, online purchasing power per product group, online market players and their market shares per retail sector, small-scale purchasing power level, shopping centre lists and densities, and industry-specific market reports per retail sector.

You’ll never walk alone

RegioData provides a good basis for companies working with regional data, GIS-programs and so on. RegioPlan on the other hand uses RegioData data in combination with their own market expertise and data base of retail companies and developers for location analyses and market due diligence. The focus and mission of RegioPlan is to assist their clients making the right, long-term and sustainable location decisions.

RegioData is capable of providing a wide range of key figures while RegioPlan assists you in interpreting the data, guiding you through the decision-making process and supporting you in reaching the appropriate and individual conclusion.

Our cooperation with ECSP will also include frequent publications and articles that give its membership access to certain excerpts of our data, data maps, and industry insights and analysis, providing a good market overview all over Europe. In addition, ECSP members will have a 25% discount on all purchases of raw data.

About RegioPlan Consulting GmbH

RegioPlan Consulting is located in Vienna, Austria and advises on location and investment decisions all over Europe. For over 35 years, RegioPlan has stood for sound consulting and innovative know-how and is one of Europe’s leading consulting companies that provides decision-makers with reliable data, analyses and holistic consulting concepts for sites and locations suitable for real estate and investment, retail and the public sector. www.regioplan.eu – Developing Sustainable Success

About RegioData Research GmbH

RegioData Research GmbH is a Vienna-based market research firm and the sister company of RegioPlan Consulting. As a European specialist in regional economic data, RegioData provides decision-making bases for retail, real estate, and financing, up-to-date, clear, and secure. www.regiodata.eu – Customized Market Analytics