ECSP welcomes Safe Asset Group as risk management partner

European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP) and SAFE Asset Group are joining forces as of September 2021 to partner a future focus on managing risk within the retail property sector. Their relationship will result in the sharing of information and best practice on risk management and operational resilience to ECSP members based on SAFE’s world-class experience and expertise.

Secretary General of the ECSP, Joost Koomen said that: “This dynamic new partnership benefits both organisations as SAFE Asset Group cements its European footprint, and members of ECSP are exposed to reputable global standards with continuous support”.

Erik Engstrand, CEO of SAFE Asset Group: “We are eager to start their work with the ECSP and its members. The Group is excited to offer international experience and to share their knowledge with ECSP in contributing to Europe’s overall well-being”.

Download the press release here.

About SAFE Asset Group

Headquartered in Sweden, SAFE Asset Group is an international advisory and certification organisation that offers their world-renowned expertise to property owners of all asset classes. The Group is known for their SHORE certification, which is the unparalleled, globally acknowledged evaluation and certification for operational and ESG risk, resilience and security of property portfolios and individual assets. SHORE is an acronym for Safe Hospitality, Office, Retail and Environments. The certification is
issued to all retail, hospitality, office and public destinations –wherever people meet, eat, shop or stay.